UK fleet management services from our West Midlands base

Secure storage Vehicle protection

Vehicle protection

Secure storage

We maintain safe and secure storage with room for up to 500 vehicles in an industrial unit setting.

Each vehicle has its own unique, tag-system-based ID by customer and is linked to SVL's own fleet Database Management System (DMS). Keys are kept in wall-mounted and combination locked storage safes.

Vehicle safety

Safety, repairs Vehicle safety

Safety, repairs and parts replacement

SVL also maintains a nearby 5,000 square feet covered and secure industrial unit dedicated to bodywork repair and cosmetic remedial work with protective working bays for repairing, re-painting and parts replacements. Parts from wipers to tyres and seats can be replaced on-site.

Related services are handled by trusted and experienced sub-contracted business partners. All vehicles managed under SVL's fleet management contracts are subject to MOT standard safety tests by an authorised MOT Test Centre partner, with MOTs also carried out on fleet vehicles if required.

Extensive body-work damage repairs such as crash damage are also handled by experienced SVL business partners.

SVL organises and manages all these services on behalf of its clients, providing proof of required work and cost-to-complete estimates for approval before proceeding unless the work falls within existing and agreed limits. The complex detail involved is managed on in-house networked computer systems, including the Database Management System (DMS) and accounts software for efficient invoicing and financial management.

Vehicle cleanliness Vehicle cleanliness 2

Vehicle cleanliness

Full in-house valeting facilities

All vehicles are fully cleaned and valeted before storage and/or delivery utilising SVLs extensive in-house valeting facilities - including dedicated cleaning bays, power jet washers and industrial standard vacuum cleaners.

The valeting includes wheels, bodywork and trim cleaning and polishing externally, and similarly for internal upholstery, trims and fascia, using top quality cleaning products to result in a show-room standard finish.

Our team of experienced, professional valeters take great pride in ensuring that both inside and outside each vehicle is cleaned to a standard that meets the exacting requirements of the typical managerial and executive level staff for whom we are delivering and collecting vehicles.

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